Once I was in a marriage ceremony and I sit there alone. My all friends were busy, so I was getting bored and looking forward to do something that can end up my boring. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and opened a social networking site. But at that moment, there was nobody who was online so very soon I logged out and again I got myself alone.

I started surfing on internet that time. While surfing on net one link was blinking on my phone’s screen. I made a click on that and at the next moment I was brought in the pokies world. I had been lost in that and started playing events.

I liked the one among all the slot machines which was named as Sir Winsalot, I did not know that why it was named like that but overall it was looking quite impressive. Poker machine about which I am talking was full of ultimate features and was having an attractive theme. It was a five reel and twenty payline poker machine which was beautifully designed by microgamming.

I started reviewing that pokie and when I satisfied then I opened the page which was allowing me to play some spins for free. I found a website which was offering me some free spins. I used all my free spins and won most of them, and now I was ready to play with real money. The minimum betting amount was 0.25 dollar, so I chosen that minimum amount and started to play on bet.

I was little shivering but even I was ready to deal with that event. My first spin went wrong and I lost that. But it was a thing without worry and then I played ahead and won many chances after that, I had been collected much enough money. I started planning to go Egypt in next vacations with that money. Suddenly I heard my friend’s voice who was calling me to have some food, so I quitted playing. It was the best game of my life and you should participate in that type of slots.