How Girls Should Be Ready For A Rave Party– Rave Fashion Basics

If you have had a plan to attend a rave which is a large party wherein live performers or disc jockeys play electronic dance music and show rollicking performances, the very first thing you will want to know about is how to dress for that party. So, rave fashion must be the most significant phenomenon you need to abide by. It is important that you get ready for a rave which will have all young people dancing and raising hue and cry wearing dazzling clothes. Over the past years, rave attendees have been seen to show extreme enthusiasm about what they wear and how they look.

Make up your mind and be who you are:

Being what you exactly are is very important as people around you will not be shy. So, try to be the real ‘You’. Remember that people will happily accept what you are if your outfit includes a purple dragon costume or jeans instead of formal or casual outfit including T-shirt or suit. But, it does not mean that people will judge you all the time. The truth is that they will hold you with value only for who you have been. Because of the nature of a rave, people will remain too drawn into the event to judge you.

What is the deciding factor?

As you know you are not going to entertain other attendees, you are free to wear what you feel is good for a rave. However, there are two essential factors that could alter your decision regarding the choice of outfit. Where the party will be held and how the weather is on the occasion are the two vital deciding factors. Again, you must bear in mind that the rave is easily the only place where your clothing matters little. What matters most is how you feel during the hours of uncontrolled merrymaking.

If you are about to attend a rave which is scheduled to be held in a warehouse, you should be ready to accept the hot surroundings. If your party is out in a desert, you need to be ready to bear the ills of cold weather at the advent of late night. You need to stay comfortable both physically and mentally, which is why wearing dresses for the weather is very important. You cannot alter the course of nature, but you can certainly change your clothing style for one or more raves.

What clothing should girls wear for a rave?

Kikwears, Tripp Pants,  t-shirt, LED tutu, phat pants and bikini tops are very popular among girls. Some may feel panache for wearing giant furry costumes complemented with LEDs, fluffies and wings. If you think you are not comfortable with any of these, you can create a unique costume for yourself. If you feel nervous because of being up and doing to attend your first rave, do not pressurize yourself with tons of costume ideas. Just follow a normal street clothing style. While heels are your favorites, remember that they will limit your movement. At a rave, all you will do is a lot of dancing and merrymaking which are extremely hindered by heels.